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What is React?

Before getting into the virtual DOM we must first know about React. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, React is one of the most popular frameworks in the web development world. React was created originally at Facebook and has enjoyed solid growth since its inception.



We’ve all been there. Wasting copious amounts of time setting up the seemingly endless rails files just to find out something is terribly wrong. Now introducing the scaffold command. Once you’re in the correct directory you can slap this command into your terminal:

rails g scaffold name_of_file attribute1 attribute2 attribute3

Coding tips that improve your daily life

Like many others I had lost my job during the 2020 pandemic. I had been working a career that I was no longer passionate about and looking for something to spark my fancy. After extensive research I noticed a trend that all the…

Devante Lowery

Coding Enthusiast

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